Amazon AWS outage - UK

For Information UK USERS ONLY (Other areas may be affected, if in doubt check locally).

There is an AWS outage affecting many UK users. Amazon devices (Echo, Dot, etc) are not currently working. Also it may cause local issues with image caching amongst other things.

Amazon have confirmed this problem is ongoing and engineering teams are working on it now.


ARC is hanging at the logo screen on startup . if I kill the app enough times it eventually works this is on WiFi I have not made any changes - could the AWS issue affect it? I am in the UK.

THE AWS SYSTEMS ARE BACK ONLINE AT 15:20 so shouldn’t be causing problems.
Try again in 30 minutes.

will do - thanks

Hi @Ciaran_Henry,

How has your system been performing now that it’s been a few days? Are you still having any issues either syncing to ARC or connecting outside the home?

Hi Connor - thanks for checking back in with me - no issues whatsoever with downloads or connection recently - I am listening to both streaming and downloaded music and all perfect.



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