Amazon doesn't sell Chromecasts?

Kind of a shocker. I did a search on Amazon and many devices were returned. But no actual Chromecasts.

I have two CC.and wanted to buy a CCA or two for Roon streaming to mid-fi self powered speakers, and a CC4K. With Prime and an Amazon credit card that give huge perks and a donation given to our selected Charity thru Amazon’s Smile program, that’s become our go to place to shop, you see.

So I guess it’s Best Buy or one of so many other retailers this time.

I bought from Google’s online store.
Took much longer than Amazon.
But I didn’t have to put my pants on :rofl:

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Part of the war between Amazon and Google.
But lots of places online sell them, why does it have to be Amazon?

Alluded to above. More depth,

  1. Prime Free 2-day shipping. When I’m staying in NYC often Free 1-Day shipping. Both including Saturday & Sunday delivery.

  2. Rather than using our Chase United Visa – which gives us miles on United but a) we never fly anymore, and b) as owners of 4 dogs we’re rather disgusted at the thought of flying them now – we got ourselves an Amazon card and get 5% rewards back when buying on Amazon. An entire day’s purchase of ‘stuff’ is free every few weeks. I.e a reward we use, and really makes a difference to us in a tangible way. Rather than after spending $20K or $50K we get to fly round trip to Florida for free once. Doesn’t seem like a deal to me. Definitely not on par with the % of real $ rewards Amazon gives us buying on Amazon.

  3. When you shop thru a percentage of your purchase goes toward your selected charity. We give to a particular dog rescue. Though the percentage of each purchase is small, multiply by the many hundreds or thousands that do the same, and the rescue has stated that they get a fairly sizable charitable contribution from Amazon, thanx to all our shopping. It really makes a difference!

Go to Shipping’s free and in my experience just as fast as prime.

Wait, how do you buy hardware from the Play Store? Let me triple check, but I’m not finding it.

in lefthand “devices”:

And for the same reason, the YouTube app keeps disappearing then reappearing on Amazon tablets.

Buyers beware! I went by this but I did not find this to be the case. Google doesn’t give you and estimated delivery before you execute the purchase. I’m on LI (contiguous 48 states). When I just ordered, they gave me a delivery date of two weeks from today. … I immediately cancelled the order. :frowning:

P.s. I bought from Best Buy. Same price. Same free shipping. Will be here 1.5 weeks earlier. :wink:

In my experience (I live and work a couple of miles away from Google’s “home base”) they will give you an estimate of two weeks, but in fact actually air-ship overnight. Had it happen on both of my previous two orders from the Google Store. As they say, your experience may differ.

I will say that one Google Home Mini I ordered just before Christmas apparently got lost in the mail, and took a month to be delivered.

I bought two Ccs from Google, and both took about two weeks.
Maybe because I live in Seattle, home base of both Amazon and Microsoft. :rofl:

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Must be it. I ordered two more Tuesday night, and they were on my desk when I got in to work on Friday.

I got mine from Walmart! Same price plus taxes, instant delivery.

I can buy the cca on the high at here in the UK for the same price as online. Does noone use shops anymore ,:slight_smile:

It would appear not.

So last-century.