Amazon HD Search Capabilities

To the intelligent folks on this forum needing some advice.
I have a paid Amazon HD membership (which I want to cancel), free trial offer with Tidal and Qobuz. Amazon has a great library and good hi-res quality but their rigidity for not willing to work with Roon and Bluesound is driving me impatient.
I listen to ALL kinds of music from rap, rock, pop to folk, jazz and electronic - depending on my mood. I like Qobuz a lot and want to make it my music service. Qobuz streaming has excellent quality. The sound is incredible. Also around 70% of the songs I listen to is in their library - but I need to search for it. They don’t have a good user recommendation playlist like Tidal, Apple or Amazon Music does. My issue is I cannot easily access the songs I like on their main page or recommendation. Is there a secret way to do that on Qobuz? For example their pop playlist have songs that I’ve not heard off - some from the 90’s etc. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.