Amazon now has Roon Remote app

Good news for anyone who has a Fire HD tablet and hasn’t bothered installing Google Play Store via backdoor. I actually went and deleted the Google Roon app from my HD10 to replace with Amazon app. This way it can be tracked and hopefully it will continue to be supported via Amazon App Store.

For those who haven’t considered Fire tablets, these are quite good for the ‘cheap’ price. I use mine strictly for reading and music remote apps.

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Presumably this gets rid of the need to adjust the DPI settings on the 8-inch fire Tablet to prevent Roon from reverting to portrait orientation. I’ve done that, and while it works fine it’s a bit of a pain to set up.
Now I’m curious about how the Roon app through the Amazon App Store would look on the 10-inch Fire Tablet. Is anyone here using one of those for Roon? Last year when I set mine up the 10 incher wasn’t available in Canada, so that wasn’t an option for me. Now it is.

Of course I am. It’s absolutely fine with the Fire HD10 and required no intervention on my part to get Roon GUI operating correctly.

Sorry. I missed the “HD10” in your post when I first read it. Are you happy with the Roon experience on the 10 inch?

I want to know if you can use a laptop for music selection while leaving a Fire HD just for DSP adjustments?

This was a bug that we fixed in last release; the Amazon App Store version of the app is not required to get this fix.

Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t aware of that. I was in a country where my Amazon tablet wasn’t when the release came out, so I’m just getting back to using it with Roon.

I think with Roon as long as a Zone is not checked as Private, another Zone’s Remote can control it.

But would be interested to hear if the Remote on Fire Tab is locked as private and not subject to control by other remotes.

If this is OT, mods please move to the appropriate thread. So…

When I saw that the Amazon Store had the Roon app, I immediately ran out and got a Fire 7. They’re so cheap as a remote, it’s stupid. But before I open the package, it’s starting too look like I should return it for an 8 because of screen size issues. Is that correct? I’m not talking about a small screen. I know 7" will never look as good as 10". But rather the whole DPI adjustments make for a less than desirable experience in the 7. Is that correct? And would an 8 fix that? Or is that dependent on which app version I get (the store’s version vs. the last release)?


Just downloaded! Yay!!

I have one fire tablet that I use exclusively as an AV controller.

This means all the software I need for my AV system is now available by the App store. I hope this is a sign of continued expansion by Roon and increased popularity.

From the FAQ:

Android devices that are at least 8 inches run the full Roon interface. Tablets smaller than 8 inches run an interface designed for smaller screens and phones.

If the Fire 8 is truely 8" and not something like 7.9" you should be okay. I’ve got the 10" Fire and it works fine . . .

That was all I needed to know. Thanks. Have previously ignored that Android portion of the FAQ, having no Android devices. To my detriment. Thanks! :slight_smile:

FWIW - I decided to keep the Fire 7. I’d rather have a Fire 7 with a large (if limited) phone interface, than a full interface on a Fire 8 with tiny little icons. Having used the full interface on a iPad, I wouldn’t want the full interface on an 8" screen. Too much, too tiny.