How do I enable multichannel HDMI using the intergated Radeon graphics of a AMD 5600g. Roon ROCK installed OK but no HDMI.

David, can you please describe your ROCK server configuration in more detail (model, etc.)? ROCK servers approved by Roon are Intel-based, so it appears that this may be an AMD platform due to the graphics system. Or is your Roon Core running on Linux on an AMD-based motherboard and system?

ROCK probably doesn’t have the necessary drivers/support for this hardware. ROCK is designed to be used with specific Intel NUC SKUs. You will probably have to start over with Ubuntu (or whatever Linux distro you prefer), then just install Roon on that.

As others say your running ROCK on unsupported platform it’s designed to run on an Intel NuC with integrated graphics so ships with only limited support for hardware included in these it tends to work fine on non NuCs if their are intel based and share same chipset for network, gfx etc. AMD is way of piste. Switch to Linux distro or windows for support of AMD.

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