AMP Recommendations

I just setup my Intel NUC 717BNH with 8gb RAM, ZTC 128GB and a Samsung EVO 500GB SSD for audio storage.
I currently have an older Peachtreee Audio NOVA amp which has a builtin DAC driving Bowens & Wilkins 682 S2 speakers.
I know not what you would call hi fidelity setup.
All my music is ripped at 44.1kHz 16bit FLAC.

My budget is around $1500 USD for a new AMP w/h DAC

Any suggestions?

You could look at current Peachtree models. Also, this might be worth looking at:

W4S has a good return policy, so if you buy something and decide you don’t like it, you’re in pretty good shape.

I’ve just finished demo-ing the NAD C388 and the Peachtree Nova 300. The NAD has features I like more, but, the 300 just sounded so much better. Peachtrees are on sale til the end of Dec. too.

As a side note, I running 4 ohm speakers that need a lot of power, and do not have the space for much larger amps.