Amp wake from sleep delay

I have an amp in a storage closet driving wired speakers in several rooms. When idle the amp consumes 30W but it can go into 0.36W standby mode, which I would prefer when I’m not listening to anything. From standby, it takes 12 seconds to start up when it sees a trigger (audio or voltage). Right now it triggers on audio, so I lose the first 12 seconds of play if I haven’t listened to anything for a while.

Does anyone have an extension that anticipates that I will start playing, allowing me to send a voltage trigger early? E.g., if the voltage trigger went high every time I performed any Roon UI action from any remote, most of the time I would probably not miss any music, because most of the time it takes me at least 12 seconds from opening the UI to starting play.

Alternatively, does someone have an extension that keeps track of how long it has been since I last played any music, and sends 12 seconds of silence before the next track if it’s been more than 15 minutes?

I have a Bluesound pulse2 player that does the same to save power. So there is a use case for this. If I select a Bluesound zone could it set a wake up signal. Chris