Amplifier suggestion

Hi guys, any pure amp / integrated amp for suggestion for below setup.

Intel nuc rock → qutest → amp suggestion → dynaudio special 40.

Please let me know the amp suggestion is a pure amp or integrated amp if it’s integrated amp what is integrated inside and if there is dac integrated will it impact on my qutest ?

Want a amp that is not overkill for my setup while able to pull out a full potential of my setup. Thank you for your suggestion

Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Amplifier Class D Stereo Purifi 2x400W 4 Ohm

Check out the review here - Audiophonics HPA-S400ET Review (Stereo Amplifier) | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum


What’s your budget by the way? And where are you based?

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No limit but do not want a overkill amp for my setup. Based in Singapore

Kinki Studio ex m1 plus is the one I would choose with the chord.

Benchmark AHB2. As clean as it gets.


AHB2 - Quite possibly the best amp… but maybe overkill for the speakers?

You have a qutest… go Chord amplifier as well.

They are famous for their DAC’s, but their amps are outstanding as well.
I own a Chord Etude and I love it.

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No Roon 2.0 update issues?
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How dare you. I’m kidding… :slight_smile:

Since a class D power amplifier has been already suggested, I add a brand alternative to the list: Apollon Audio.

Two integrated amps:
Pass Labs INT 25
Audio Analogue AAcento or Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary

The Pass Labs is definitely pricier, the Audio Analogue are more “affordable” (relatively speaking). Someone could find them overkill. Considering the presence of the Dynaudio Special 40, though, not necessarily, IMO.

Any of the Hypex based amps will work really well. I’m using their NC400 mono blocks with my Dynaudio C2 speakers. I replaced my hundred pound plus McIntosh MC400 with these and they sound great. I also built up an NC252 for my second system and it works great on C2 speakers too. Any of the Audiophonic amps that use NC252 or NC400 modules or the Purify modules will be terrific.

Check Rotel amplifier. Great stuff. I am not sure though if they have a dealer in SG, I went with Teac instead when I was living there. Do you know the @wizardofoz ? He can help héhé :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks guys for your input.

Any more suggestion?

I got some friend recommending me Hegal H190 / H390 and Lyngdorf 1120 any insight for this?

Lyngdorf and Hegel are loved by a lot of people. I can’t tell how good the 1120 is, but I really like my MP40.

Apart from those, if you don’t listen at high volumes, try a small Class A amp (the big ones are of course also good but probably way out of the price range).

Not sure this setup will it be good and simple.

Intel nuc rock → Hegel h190/390 → special 40

H390 seem overkill for special 40?

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Why not go to a dealer in Singapore and listen for yourself?! You are searching for a small fish in a big ocean. There are literally hundreds of great options out there.

That the reason… trying to narrow down my option before going for audition

I second the Chord comment. Go with a Chord amp as the synergy is worth it.

You may have problems driving the Dynaudios with that. By the time you’ve enabled clipping protection and room correction they probably won’t go very loud.

I’m running mine with 105dB horns so it’s not an issue but recently tried with some 88dB 2 ways and was quiet.

“Quiet” is an exaggeration, I think. If it can do 90 watts at 6 ohms that’s about 94 dB at 3 meters from one speaker, plus room gain. Do consider also that Room Perfect mainly cuts peaks.

I think the Lyngdorf / Dynaudio combo is worth trying, I’m using a TDAI-2170/SDA-2400 with Contour 20i myself and am very happy.

Hegel were using them to demo at the last Bristol HiFi show pre-covid…