Amplifier suggestion

I’ve got clipping enabled so that drops the input by up to 12dB using truepeak.

Now using the limiting as bloody Roon on the iPad went mental and decided to max the volume on the Lyngdorf when I started playing a song.

60 Watts into 105 dB horns and you can imagine the volume (let alone the damage it could have done to my ears and speakers)

You can still go to +12 dB and when I asked Lyngdorf about doing that they were not really concerned about overdriving the amp.

60 watts at 105 dB – yeah, I’d use the limiter too!

I don’t have a lot of experience with Dynaudio but what little experience I do have I would not pair them with a Class D amp if it were my main system. Second system, sure, but there is detail in their designs which can be hard to separate. Using class D amp makes that worse. I’d almost say pair it with a “bright” amp but that may be dependent on your room.

Here is a review of this speaker paired with Naim amplification and I think this would be a good pairing actually… The shock of the new Dynaudio Special Forty speakers - CNET

Just about the strangest simplification I’ve heard. What class D amps are you thinking of? Are they 20 years old?

Atma-Sphere makes a Class D monoblock design based on GaNFET output devices… 2 x 100 Watts… BTY, you should probably get a proper line stage preamp too…