An anonymous mess

Here comes the big chapter of anonymous composer.

  1. there is an anonymous correponding to DJ serge

    the point is that in my library many classical tracks with anonymous composer are matched to this one…

  2. then , there exist an “anonymous composer” distinct by the generic anonymous (used for medieval and renaissance music)

    it’s not very clear the difference with the “Traditional” composer. anyway.

  3. then, since roon 1.7 the anonymous composers are treated differently: they have no more a link (WHY???), but can be searched and have an artist page.
    but still some have a link. see:


  4. finally, in my library appears an “anonymous” PERFOMER

one is DJ serge.
the second one:

i don’t know why appears as a performer, it’s not in my file tags.
the others… are all empty artists… they should not even exist…

Thanks for the report, @Niccolo_Terzi, we are looking into this.