An Artist/Album manually edited on Roon does not show-up in the library

I have added the album “Family Tree” From the artist “Frankie Chavez” to the library. Because of the fact that Roon did not manage to identify it, I edited the album fields manually.
Despite the manual edit, if I now searched for “Frankie Chavez” in the library, Roon cannot find the artist. Instead if I search for the album title, it finds the album. Why doesn’t it show among my artists?

Hey @simoneratti – can you post a screenshot of the album details screen?

Is this that you need?

It looks like Roon thinks the main performer on this album is “Various Artists” – usually this would mean something is going on in the tags, but since tags generally aren’t available in WAV files, our options here are a little more limited.

Keep in mind that when you’re editing Album Artist in Roon, this is more like editing a display setting for the album, as opposed to creating a new performer or artist in Roon. I explained this distinction in more detail here.

Can you try clicking the Identify Album button on the Album Options tab, and seeing if you’re able to find a match in our database? That will be the easiest way to get this working, as the normal fix (editing the file tags directly) won’t work here, since these are WAV files.

Hi Mike, I have tried the Identify Album approach and it does not work.

I am wondering… why don’t you support a library insertion mode where the user can simply “force” the album recognition inserting the barcode displayed on the package (in this case 5600384980285)?

I know that Roon integrates with musicbrainz but there is no way:

  1. to “force” a barcode (the user can only edit its metadata which is never used by roon);
  2. to insert directly the musicbrainz URL.

Moreover, musicbrainz is not that complete (this album barcode is missing).

If you allowed forcing the association with a barcode (you could go as far as integrating a barcode reader app that uses the webcam or phone-cam) other UPC/EAN lookup resources like (in this specific case or ( could do the work. The barcode forcing would also create a perfect association between the library and the cd release actually owned.

Unfortunately, my problem can not be solved at the moment and being able to force a barcode would definitely help doing the job of transferring my cd library to roon.

Yeah, this is a frustrating case and because WAV files don’t have any tags to edit here, there’s really only a few ways around the way Roon currently handles albums that a) are not in our database and b) have no tags or identifying information.

I think you have three options, two of which involve waiting :frowning:

  • Convert the files to FLAC, which would allow you to edits the tags and display the album however you want, since the album is not yet in our database
  • Wait for the album to be added to MusicBrainz. Once this happens, the album will be added to Roon’s database and using “Identify” will work as expected
  • Wait for Roon to implement our next round of metadata editing functionality, which I unfortunately don’t have a timeline on right now.

Sorry I don’t have a better way forward here @simoneratti – I see this album is available on Tidal, so I would expect it to be added to our database by one of our metadata providers soon.