"An audio file is loading slowly." appears and playback stops frequently

I’m using Roon1.4(294) following environment.
iMac (4core/16GB Mem as Core & Server) – GbE-- Mac mini (4core/16GB Mem as Bridge) - USB – DAC

When upsamping to the DSD128(*1), “An Audio file is loading slowly.This may indicate a performance
or hardware problem.” message appears and playback stops frequently.
The iMac Disk access speed is 100 MB/sec or more,
and network speed between iMac and Mac mini is 50 MB/sec or more.
The iMac CPU usage during Upsampling is 20%.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

DSD128, Precise. Minimum Phase, 7th Order(CLANS)
Parallelize Sigma-Delta Modulator is ON.

Can you post a screenshot of your signal path, like this?

Thank you for your follow

Hi @ucchi ----- Thank you for the post and sharing your observations with us, the feedback is appreciated!

Moving forward, can you please verify for me the make/model DAC you are implementing and furthermore, if you happen to have any DSD128 content in your library are you able to play these files without issue (i.e not needing the use of the DSP engine)?


DAC is PS Audio Nuwave DSD.
This problem occurred even if DSD Upsampling is not used.
Mac mini + Audirvana DSD Upsampling environment, this problem has not occurred.
I will get DSD128 sound source somewhere and try it. Please wait a while.

There is no problem when turning off SRC and playing DSD128 file.
It may stop at least once in two times. when SRC is turned on and the DSD128 file is played back.
and also playback stopped when SRC was turned on and DSD64 file played.

I changed my set up.
change iMac from Core to Control, Mac mini from Brdige to Core / Output.
The problem does not occur. I will use this setup for a while.

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