An Audio File is Loading Slowly & Event Driven Mode

When using my computer running Windows 10 playback would stop after a few seconds and I would get the “an audio file is loading slowly” error. This did not happen when the computer was running Linux.

After trying multiple solutions to solve the problem, I found that turning the “event driven mode” toggle to “No” solved the problem. Now I can operate in exclusive mode, using Windows 10, without any playback problems.

Hello @Brad_Beeson,

Would you mind reporting to us what DAC you experienced this behavior on? Some devices are incompatible with the WASAPI “event driven mode”, hence why we have included the toggle in the Device Setup menu.


Is this with the new Windows 10 class compliant driver?


I have this same problem. When I setup my DAC in exclusive mode and then try to use Event Driven Mode I get “audio file is loading slowly” and then the song stops after a few seconds and skips the next track. I can’t listen to any music as every track does this.

My signal path looks like this:

(FreeBSD 11.1 ( Bhyve VM ( Debian ( Roon Server ))))
<- 10g SFP+ ->
TP-Link Switch
<- 10g SFP+ ->
Windows 10 (Roon App)
<- USB (native win10 driver) ->
Schiit Gungnir Multi-bit

I’ve used this DAC in event driven mode many times before just fine using foobar2000. It must be a bug in roon. Maybe the usb event driven setup causes a delay which makes the roon server think its too slow? The CPU usage on my roon core vm stays around 1% even when I enable some DSP. I really believe this must be a bug in roon’s event driven handling over usb and how that interacts with the network “slowness” detection.

If I turn off event driven mode it works fine. It also works if I connect to my DAC over toslink in exclusive mode.