"An audio file is loading slowly." switch cisco

Audio system :

  1. PC> wire -> Cisco sg300 switch -> wire -> aries
  2. PC> wire -> Cisco sg300 switch ->wire ->netgear r8500 ->wifi/wire-> aries g2

when aries g2 directly connect to cisco sg300 like 1,“An audio file is loading slowly.” will happen
when add a route to cisco switch, aries g2 connect to netgeat r8500 route, everything is ok

That is a managed switch and there are several settings on such switches which can cause issues Roon. Try turning off IGMP snooping.

Have turned off IGMP snooping


Managed switches often require some “advanced” setup in order to properly function with Roon. We have some information about this in our networking guide. Have you tried enabling Flow Control on the switch?



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