An Edge 'Period' Case

I ran across this album recently:

All of the compositions are transcriptions, written in 19XX, by Respighi. They are transcriptions of decidedly Baroque pieces.

So, what is the proper Period coding for a transcription: the Period in which the transcription was written, or the Period in which the original music was written?

Roon has it (logically) coded Modern.


It’s using baroque (bits and) pieces – for some of the original composers Roon does even pull in the data (production credits and text links) – but as a whole it doesn’t sound very baroque to me. It may contain traces, I can recognize that, still: Modern seems to be good fit. A kind of early remixing or as DG likes it nowadays: recomposed … Max Richter’s Four Seasons are no baroque either, I’d say. :wink:

PS: usually I don’t give much for those period assignments, incomplete as they are anyway. I’m using century tags for classical.

Update: Just listening a bit more of it, admittedly the First Suite may sound more baroque than the Third. Still I’d say it’s OK to attribute the work to Respighi and his time.

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