An editing option for classical in Roon 1.3?

Not a high priority but maybe one of appeal to some of us - the ability to combine multiple albums into the one larger file.

With this I’m not suggesting combining some of the larger sets being currently released - no point in that, BUT combining some sets is worthwhile, particularly opera. Changing CDs is less of a chore than jumping up and down to turn LPs over every 25 minutes or so but the music server should be able to eliminate the need to change files at all with opera.

It is a bit of messing around but I can do this with Sooloos. The technique there is to change the track numbering of say discs 2 and 3 and export the 2 or 3 album files to the PC + copy any added data in review. The original files on Sooloos must then be deleted or they cannot be re-imported.

Importing the files back into Sooloos gives you the chance to unalbumise them and then re-combine them into that one big file. This can lose the cover graphics but that is easily found on the net and copied back in.

Because it is a bit time consuming I’ve only done this with a few operas but it would be nice to be able to do it with Roon.

The complete switch over to Roon is likely to happen a lot faster than ever expected as there is considerable interest from some people in buying the Sooloos outfit here.

I’m not sure I understand you fully, but a 3CD opera box which is correctly identified in Roon would be displayed like this, and you can hit “play album” and play the whole thing.

Identification problems have solutions, including manually merging several albums into a single album, rather like making a “set” in Sooloos.

Thanks Ludwig. That is obviously the simplest answer with no need to combine 3 music files into one - another feature Roon will do that Sooloos will not.

You can merge albums in Roon already. Best to fix the meta tags externally IMHO.