An Embarrassment of Rich Metadata

Associated with Franz Liszt’s Tone Poems are: Allmusic’s one overarching piece on his tone poems generally (“Work(s), Symphonic Poems for orchestra, piano, piano, 4 hands & organ”); and thirteen individual pieces on each work.

If one treats the 13 tracks as one WORK with thirteen PARTs, Roon may link to the one general piece.

If one treats these as thirteen WORKs, Roon links the thirteen writeups.

Can there be any setup to link all fourteen writeups?

Not at present, but we’ve talked internally about ways of handling compositions at multiple levels in their hierarchies.

One simple thing would be to have some user choice over whether you want roon to treat the part singly or part of a composition hierarchy or both. The WORK/PART method works when you want to force roon to treat the compositions as a group but I actually find that much more often I want to:

a) break a part out of a group that roon has made automatically
b) have a part treated both singly and as part of a group

For example some of the Debussy piano preludes are much more famous than others and will often appear stand alone on a recital type disk. No. 8, book 1, the flaxen hair prelude for example. So I have a group of flaxen hair stand alone compositions. But I also have many more academic style CD’s of the complete Book 1 of 12 preludes. I would like no. 8 to be a member of both my flaxen hair compositions and a member of my book 1 compositions. I find this to be an extremely common scenario.

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