An End point for the Dali Kubic One With TV Display

Morning all im new to Roon been a yearly Subscriber only 5 weeks id like to say thank you for such a great programme( wouldn’t call myself audio expert lol). So im after a bit of advice. My current setup is running ROON on my I5 HTPC in my Bedroom which is the Core on Windows 7 i use Tidal which i love with ROON and the UI my DAC is musical fidelity V90 DAC with a Schiit Lyr 3 with my Audeze LCD2-C headphones. My speakers are Ruark MR1 MK2 active speakers and REL T zero sub. Downstairs i have a DALI KUBIC ONE soundbar with a DALI e9f SUB. The main question is my Dali can output 24/96 via the micro USB. I use the DALI for movies and TV via 1 of the optical connections which it has 2. Now im looking for something that can give me ROON as an end point to the DALI with Display on the TV. I also use Soundcloud and Mixcloud as my other streaming services i do have a minix neo u1 android box but im not sure if i could run ROON as an end point on there with Display. I do have an Amazon fireHD new version for tablet control

Buy a Chromecast it will display on your TV and play audio to the speaker via the TV. You will max out at 48/24 though as thats all they support for music. Or get a Raspberry Pi with a spdif digital HAT such HifiBerry, Allo Digione, IQaudio, JustBoom there is a wealth to choose from and connect that direct to soundbar, you may be able to use the browser in the TV as a display.

I do have the Raspberry PI3. my TV is an LG model from 2018 not sure if they have a browser forthat would work with ROON

You can try it out now to see if the browser works. I think others have got it working on LG. I have a HifiBerry Digi Pro hat doing nothing if you want to try it out.

Just tried the browser with my LG tv and its not doing nothing i put the web display url into the LG web display and nothing