An interesting graph of the music business

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(Mr Fix It ) #2

What’s the low line grey … live gigs?

Bad news is artists get next to nothing from streaming


Yet here we are, supposed lovers of music, actively supporting the services that will kill that which we purport to love.

Buy the music folks, then stream if you must.

(Chris) #4

"While radio plays come with guaranteed payment for all the musicians involved, streaming almost always underpays the individual musicians.

“Musicians need a right to fair pay, and as streaming grows, global copyright laws need to catch-up or risk destroying the musicians who underpin the value of music. The current situation is unacceptable.”

So, how about we change (demand that change) the laws such that streaming is also treated like radio play or other performances of artists’ works, such that 'they get proper compensation?

(Daniel Beyer) #5

The only change they need to make, imho, is to separate streaming from control. Originally, streaming was like radio, you chose maybe a seed song and away you go. The problem has come when streaming services allow users to “appear” to own a library. Such control was reserved for owned music. Remove the option for such control and streaming service v buying will re-organize.

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(Reader of the Internets) #6

So does this mean that cassettes are due to come back next?

(Daniel Beyer) #7

I thought they were already a “thing”.


Could the low grey line be music videos or DVD and Blu-ray audio, etc?

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(robert van bekkum) #9

Biggest mistake in my life, stopping buying vinyl. IMO the cd will not survive because of different reasons. One of the best vinyl / cd plants was in Alsdorf, Germany .It closed, because the demand for digital media is over.