An issue in the very beginning

Understood, thanks.

As your music collection grows and you add music to Roon (either your own album files, or albums saved from a streaming service), you Roon database will grow. For example, I also use and installed Roon Rock on a 250GB Samsung drive. I have 3TB of my own music files in Roon, so my Roon database takes up 4% of the 227 GB available. As I add more music, the Roon Database will grow and eventually take up 5%, then 6%, etc…

In regards to the LPS, I have read that too and generally tend to agree, but I would like to hear your experiences with the HDplex and the NUC

I’m way out over my skis on this, but I cannot imagine how better power could improve SQ for the purely digital domain ROCK. For folks who are rolling their own Ropieee’s, I can’t imagine how the SQ would improve with better power if they are using USB out (I don’t see how it could improve jitter or any other factor; the unison in the Modius/Bifrost is a way of dealing with the inevitable jitter / timing issues in the format, but I don’t think you can control it upstream of the USB bus, but here I’m really speculating). However, I do totally get if you are using a SPDIF hat on your Ropieee how that would benefit from a clean power supply - you are now in the analogue domain and putting a digital signal over it. I’m sure someone who really understands could say it better than I.

I’m into plankton and “listen and do what you like and can afford” but I like to apply my basic understanding of physics and electronic components to try to prioritize where I’m going to spend on what might be snake oil.

Please, someone correct me if I’m wrong here…

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Welcome to the club.

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Caught the idea…my library is of not big scope, but will be watching upon this index, thanks.

Have got some experience with this HDPLEX as a power source for the switch and NAS. Quite satisfied with…I am about to audition to the NUC with its own power supply for some time, then change to the LPS and will be ready to say something…

As a whole, already I am to confess that the idea of NUC implementation ( in comparison with Windows 10 laptop as Roon Core) in my system is actually worthy of doing this. As for SQ, the difference is being heard practically at once.

In regards with the issue of LPS use for such units as a switch, NAS, NUC and so on, it is an issue of personal preferencies.

As for me, I started to pay a lot of attention to this point when I had had the musical system installed in my car (DAP, DSP, two amplfiers, subwoofer in the boot, two-channel speaker system in the front ). The power supply role was the main point in that case…