An m3u8 radio stream problem

Hi Derek,

Happy to be a new subscriber for Roon. I have an issue to add m3u8 based internet radio which works under VLC. It seems that this is not new and has been asked by many before. Is there any update on the possible solution? If not, can Roon get it resolved quickly?



Hello @Mark_Boston and welcome. I’ve moved your post to the live radio category.

m3u8 streams can cause Roon problems - it depends on the underlying codec used. Roon know about the issue but there is no fix yet.

Can you let me know the station or url you are trying to add and I’ll see if I can help.

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your response. Please help on:

The last one Bloomberg Boston which doesn’t work although it’s in AAC format. Thanks for your help.



Hmm. You’re unlucky; those chunked m3u8 streams defeat Roon at the moment, even the first and fourth which have .aac underlying codecs. Roon will play 6 secs worth but stumbles over the chunk change. The second and third have .ts coding so even more difficult for Roon at the moment.

What are the stations so I can try and find an alternative stream for you?

That last one is Bloomberg and it plays for me. However, we have Bloomberg Radio in the database already - use the magnifying glass to search.

Thanks Brian. Hope I am not the only one who has issues with the internet radio customization. The links with issues work perfectly with VLC, VR radio and other free apps. Hope the Roon team will have a look and try to find a solution which would help Roon become a real integrated experience for audio lovers. Thanks. Mark

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