An old tp-link wifi not detected


I bought rpi4 with metal case which is great but not for inboard wifi :slight_smile:
So I found an old tp-link wifi bit ropieee can’t see it…
Is it supported?
If not - any recommendation?

Feedback Id: ce30769a88a986a5
Lsusb returns:
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0bda:8179 Realtek 802.11n NIC

A lot of Realtek WiFi USB sticks are not out-of-the-box supported by Linux and therefore not by Ropieee. Some are by Ropieee but I don’t know of a comprehensive list.
I’ve read ( that sticks with a Mediatek chipset are well supported and Panda sticks always work with Linux.

That’s a little bit too quick. RoPieee has its own Linux branch which contains (amongst others) a set of out-of-tree Realtek drivers.

That still makes it a ‘miss or hit’ thing.

Next RoPieee version supports the MediaTek Inc. MT7612U set of devices.