An ongoing Search problem (e.g. Searching for Reich's Drumming)

Didn’t work for me because of the problems stated in my post. So, not a strategy that always works.

OTOH, if it’s in the Roon library, then going to the album display and scrolling down alphabetically will work. Which is good because otherwise the album would be unplayable.

You’re being facetious, but I tried to look up your album anyway. I searched for the artist ‘Steve Reich’, and find his album ‘Drumming’ as second entry on his Discography page. Now, if I had this album as local copy apart from the Tidal content, it would be shown as ‘version’ on the album page. Works for me.

How am I being facetious? Please keep your insults to yourself.

You don’t know if that works for you because you don’t have a local copy.

A Qobuz copy can hide a local copy. That’s been the case for awhile.

No insult intended. Your suggestion to go to the Albums page and scroll down to find a looked-for title just sounded a little silly to me.

Not of that specific album, but of many others I do have local copies and I know that I can find them in the ‘Versions’ tab. But I don’t use Qobuz, though. Now, if Qobuz copies in the Roon library really ‘hide’ local versions, this would be a bug that obviously should be addressed, but very probably wouldn’t have anything to do with Roon Search as such. And this thread is about the ‘indefensible’ Roon Search…

Not silly. In this particular case, it is the only way to find (and play) my local copy.

What is returned as a result of searching on ‘drumming’

What is returned as a result of searching on ‘Reich:’

Three choices. None of which are my local copy or have a ‘Versions’ field.

C’mon, man. In this case and others, Roon’s search is not deep enough. This is a Roon Search problem. It’s Roon’s Search that is failing to find a copy that is in Roon’s library.

I’m out.

Not necessarily, man. If you go directly to Steve Reich’s Artist page and look on the Discography tab, does your local copy show up or not? If not, the fact that Roon would return Discography pages without correctly identifying local copies of albums would very probably be a problem not related to Roon Search as such. And you’re right… I have this experienced, as well. Roon does not on all screens consistently identify and mark local copies of albums. I have said so much in your cited thread from March 2021. What I really find very poor is Roon’s support or lack of it. I just went over your thread from last year and saw that it never even received an answer by Roon support. That has happened to me and many others, too. What I find most broken in Roon’s ecosystem is its customer support. But that too is off topic on this thread.

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The display I showed was from the Artist page. I’m thinking that Roon uses a subset of its search logic to fill that page.

I see that basically we agree. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve hijacked this thread enough. @moderators, how about splitting off my original post and the back and forth with @Andreas_Philipp1 into a new thread and maybe @support can address this outstanding issue that is almost a year old (and probably older).

By the way, to see the ‘Versions’ tab you have to open the Album page. So, click on the album which is marked as in your library and there should be a ‘Versions’ tab, to the right of the ‘Tracks’ and ‘Credits’ tab.

Yes, I understand. I just didn’t bother to screen capture that.

Here is one (all three are lacking a Version field).

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Seem to be different albums 1974 and 1988 called drumming, 84 mins and 56 mins. Are your versions the same length?

This is my local version -

I’m not complaining that other versions are being found. In fact, I would expect that.

The problem is that my version is not being found, either as a result of Search or from the Artist page, and in order to play something Roon must first find it.

So, while it may seem silly to suggest one go to the Album page and scroll alphabetically, in this case that was the only way to find (and play, which is what we’re here for, after all) my local copy.

I had tagged the album with a tag of ‘percussion’, so it wasn’t irretrievably lost.

@zenit - fyi…


I don’t have this album so cannot test but I have a few questions for my own interest. First, do understand that, by definition, a “Version” is Roon identifying that two copies of an album are the same (a duplicate) and then it either hides these (accessible only via versions tab) or shows them based on settings.

If Roon does not identify them as duplicate then they are treated as albums just like every other album you have. I have a few albums by same artist / title that purposely force Roon to treat as separate because one may be a remaster and I don’t consider a duplicate even though Roon does (because of length etc.)

Now, my question… For your Roon search of this album would you consider any of the results a duplicate? And if so, is your album not showing up under Versions? Meaning you consider it a duplicate but Roon has not?

If you don’t believe your album is a duplicate and should be returned as standalone…

When you click on your album, from the album page, does it show a Versions tab? You can tell Roon this isn’t a version (not a duplicate) to break that association. Maybe Roon incorrectly identified this as a duplicate.

If there is no version then… yeah… search isn’t working as expected here. There has been a long standing request for Roon to put a higher weight on returning results from the library but with some of the latest changes it seems like the streaming results, maybe because they are “fresher” bubble to the top.

Yes, two duplicates, see below.

No, see below.

Valid questions. I’m not complaining that what Roon returns doesn’t have a Version. I just added that in response to a prior post. The real and only complaint is that, for whatever reason (the colon is messing with Search or Qobuz is hiding my local album), my local copy doesn’t show up at all.

There are three Qobuz versions, each different from one another, in one way or the other. However, one Qobuz version is the same as my local copy.

Qobuz -

Local -

One thing is that my local copy is ‘unidentified’. I never seen that field before, on anything, and don’t know what it means.

This is probably at the root of the issue, although I’m not sure if this should be causing Roon to not return in results. Try to fix the unidentified and your results should change.

Roon’s own docs for correcting an unidentified album are fairly terrible (IMHO) so you may run into plenty of questions as you start down the path of identifying this album. Community will be your friend when you run into questions.

Well, that was a hassle. After searching thru 150 CDs, I found the one I used in the rip. Roon identified 3 different possibilities and the closest match was a vinyl release. After reordering the track listing, I let Roon use that choice to identify the album.

Now search and versions work as one might expect. So, it would seem that @Andreas_Philipp1 was right when he thought it wasn’t a Roon Search problem, per se. Roon’s metadata is not up to date and although the bloody album was in my Roon library, Search didn’t have the proper info to find it?


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However, since others have noticed it also, the problem with Qobuz hiding local copies might still exist.

I’m going to experiment on this thread.

yeah, I’ve got a handful of unidentified albums that will simply stay unidentified for this reason.

Glad you sorted this one though. Let the search debate continue…

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