An Unwanted Search Feature Or Bug in 1.8

All the music in my personal library is recorded at 192k/24bit on a 5TB drive directly connected to the USB on the Nucleus. The 1.8 version of search sometimes acts strangely when displaying search results. For instance, if I’m looking for the tracks on Joe Sample’s “Carmel” album to add to a playlist, depending upon what I type I get different results. If I type “Carmel” only in the search function, it returns only the 96K/24bit Qobuz Joe Sample version among other albums. If I type “Joe Sample” it brings up the same thing. If I type “Joe Sample Carmel” I get the 192k/24bit Carmel album listing from my local library as well as the 96/24bit Qobuz listing.

Many times only the Qobuz listing shows up and not my local library listing of a track unless I try different combinations in my search.

Bug or unwanted feature?