Analogue active speakers + native DSD DACs for use with HQPlayer

Are you only reading the first line of my replies to you?

I think I said this 7 times already. See:

It’s your claim that all DSP monitors are ‘sub-optimal’ but it’s not. Analog and Digital crossovers both have their pros and cons. No one is better than the other.

I never wrote that, absolute nonsense. I am specifically talking about your use of Holo MAY and iFi DAC , feeding ADCs of your monitors.

I never said they are crap monitors - although I did write they have average vertical dispersion performance. A problem for nearfield unless your head is in a vice but not a problem for far frield. This cannot be argued. If you want to argue this, I will know it is an April Fools joke.

I’ve had enough here. You don’t seem to understand.

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Sure go ask your technical resource cheapaudioman what he thinks :smile:

Knowledge is ‘power’, isn’t it?

Correct. I don’t see anything in his videos but if you do, enjoy :wink:

You don’t need to. You have millions of $$ to spend. Congratulations.

Are you currently drinking? :smile: This can be the only explanation.

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Yup. Darjeeling tea.

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If you’d like to use DSP monitors with HQPlayer, you have two ways:

  1. Optimal way - run all that DSP inside HQPlayer
  2. Less optimal way - output from HQPlayer over AES to the monitors at their native internal processing rate, typically 48k or 96k

His monitors feature analogue input (not digital) and DSP crossover… I suspect a DSP crossover is cheaper to implement than analogue active . Price of these monitors is low, so this is one way to keep price low.

So his Molo May MUST go through cheap ADC… then cheap DAC…

Sub-optimal use of a Holo May, would you agree @jussi_laako ?


The point is that what the May is outputting is being processed again, in a worse way. If you love the monitors that’s great but you should sell the may and put that money elsewhere.


I was in the search of pure analog circuitry amplifier and this came up.

Analog Amplifiers. Are You Sure?

Only vintage amps are pure analog?

How good are “Pure Direct” signal paths?

I don’t know how this is related to the topic?

I cannot complain about my amps. None of those have any ADCs or such inside.


If feeding your Holo May DAC output into your DSP speakers ADCs, and it sounds fine to you, just keep enjoying the music.

We don’t need to keep going in circles , because it is getting tiresome

?? How is it not related to the topic?! The audio chain has to be purely analog to protect HQPlayer’s hard work, and that includes amplifiers.
I’m looking for a stereo amplifier with pure analog circuitry that can drive Sonus Faber Lumina II Amator speakers.

If you’re tired, just listen to your LS50s to recover. :wink:

This must be the funniest thread on here.