Analysis started again, going slowly

Is it unusual for Roon Library Analysis to return to zero after a Roon software update, as happened when earlier this week when I updated to the latest Roon. My core used to be a fast Mac mini, but it’s now a better-sounding SonicTransporter i5 with less processing power. Analysis of my 16k library will likely take a week.

Usually, once things are analyzed, Roon doesn’t re-analyze your library unless they make a change that requires a database update. I don’t believe that happened this time.

Is it still re-analysing? Do you want to call in support?

Yes, please. It still has 10k files to analyze.

Ok. Tagging @support.
(@support - I don’t know whether you want to split these last posts, there is useful info at the beginning of the thread)

Hi @Stephen_Young1,

Is that 16K tracks or 16K albums?

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Library?

What version of Roon were you running prior to this update?

Albums. The number is lower now because I briefly turned the core on Friday. I believe I was running the penultimate version of Roon prior to updating last week.

Hi @Stephen_Young1,

There are some cases where analysis may need to be performed again and it looks like Roon is currently analyzing your files. There are a couple of options here:

Curerntly the analysis settings are Throttled. You can increase this which will use more resources on the machine but will complete the process sooner. Alternatively you can set Background Audio Analysis Speed to Off which will prevent background analysis and save machine resources. Instead, Roon will analyze audio at the time of playback.

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