Analyze Tidal tunes

As I understand it, only local files are analyzed for waveform display, auto volume levels, etc. For Tidal tunes, its not possible to quickly analyzing then since they send tune as a stream (and Tidal probably don’t want the extra load associated with quick download/analyze of many tunes either).

But would it not be possible to analyze the tune the first time its played (write tune to /tmp and analyze from there is the quick-and-dirty way), so the second time you play it it’s analyzed and the waveform can be displayed, auto-volume adjusted etc?

Missing out on waveform display and auto-volume for Tidal tunes is a big disadvantage in my opinion.


Volume leveling is working with Tidal files and since 1.3 it works flawless. Even in combination with local files.

Nice, didn’t know that, still miss the waveform display though, it looks kinda boring without it, but I guess its not that important :slight_smile:

Not that important? Then why have it for local files? No, you were right the first time. I love checking out waveforms. The same is true for the dynamic range. I miss that on Tidal files.

By not important I mean it does not affect the actual sound, like it would if auto-volume was not supported. But I agree, the waveform is nice, especially for tunes with a slow start so you can jump to where the action starts (Dire Straits - Telegraph Road is an example).

A cool solution would be if the waveform was created live as you played the Tidal tune for the first time, and then of course was available from start the second and further playing (if they have volume information about Tidal tunes from the start, it should be possible).