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I started a trial yesterday, and Roon analyzed my 5600ish files…fair enough. I turned it off when I was finished listening yesterday, and when I rebooted this morning, it went through the analysis again. I’m using the Core 8 speed, so the fan runs and other apps seem slower while it’s analyzing. Is it normal to re-analyze every time I reboot? If not, what can I do to stop it? I obviously want it to find new additions, but I hope I don’t have to go through the full analysis process every day!

Analysis is 2 steps, well kind of…first is the library import/scan, then is the the much longer music analysis that is probably what is still happening. If you see a spinning indicator in the top right of the window there is activity…also check in under settings and library to see what is still going on.

It’s the background analysis that ran for a quite a while today–not continuously. It stopped for a few hours and then analyzed about 700 more files and stopped again. If I make a change, does it re-analyze my entire library or just the folder that contains the change I made?

It will keep going and adding new files will extend the process, once completed it should only be running when new files are added. It can take quite some to complete on a new setup. Leave your roon core running ideally until it has finished. Restarting will often rescan your library but this should be fairly fast if no more analysis is to be done.

Note there are issues with Catalina and external volumes for library sources. A fix is in the works but if you have other issues a new support post should be opened.

OK, thank you!

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