And now for something completely different (other than 1.8)

As a (hopeful) diversion from talking incessantly about 1.8, thought some here might enjoy this crazy car entertainment system in the 2021 Jeep Cherokee. Anyone ever think they’d see McIntosh VU meters in a car??

…and yea I know this doesn’t belong in the Software area but couldn’t resist…



(Not quite 10char)

An entire Mac system used to cost at least as much as a Jeep Cherokee. It’s nice to see that they are finally including the Jeep with purchase. LOL.


I want one. The stereo, not the Jeep. :slight_smile:

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WoW. VU meters on my car’s touch console would give me instant “street” cred with myself. I am in!!!

And what’s powering that beast?

Is it available in purple? I think that’s the color of the moment.

Nutz, another distraction for the driver.

You can die happy though…:slight_smile:

Deal breaker. The very idea of having those fugly Mac facsimiles to look at every time you went out in the car.

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Tank you Craig

Posh. The car not the stereo.

Funny how jeep, land rover and the like have gone from utility vehicles for soldiers and farmers to luxury vehicles, with quilted leather foresooth.

Ah… Virtually Useless meters! Lovely!

Takes me back to the days of spectrum analysers!

I wonder if the Jeep has a button for that? :nerd_face::nerd_face:


When you turn on your stereo, the car stalls.

Hi all, this thread came up on my Roon email and caught my eye!

That Mcintosh setup in the Jeep looks like it is an app on the HU (maybe its the android carplay setup type thing where you plug in your phone and it comes up on your HU?) as it looks like the McIntosh media player I have on my android phone? Looks like an easy way to get those pointless VU meters on there :grinning:

Talking about pointless VU meters, here are mine installed in my 2000 Audi RS4 when I had it totally overhauled for the audio, thought it might interest some people on this thread.

Front end:

Boot build with the McIntosh amps:

Anyway, sorry for the thread hijack and show off photos of my car interior, especially if it’s in the wrong forum, just thought it may be of interest to show that you can have an actual McIntosh system in your car :grinning: