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Android 12 remote on Pixel 4 is extremely unstable with Roon. It’s not been great on 11 but significantly worse on 12. Latest Roon update now hanging on albums view if a filter or any focus is active. It works once but go back to albums page again it just hangs the app completely and it becomes unresponsive.

Cleared cache uninstalled reinstalled makes no difference. Changing battery optimisation makes thing worse in other ways. With it on, lock screen remote stops working. If app doesn’t close it often won’t search just getting the jellyfish . Swipe to close and open and it works again instantly so this is not my network. Turn off battery optimisation it’s closed more frequently whilst in bg and gets in funny states where you get no display at all on bringing it back or it just hangs. Restart fixes it. It’s also more prone to crash outright with out battery optimisation.

Roon it seems is too much of a resource hog for a flagship phone. Yes it’s a few years old but its fast and reliable with every other application I run on it. It’s only Roon that gets this rough treatment.

Any help from support would be helpful. If you need logs let me know. I don’t get this issue on any other remote I use just my phone which is my primary one.

I’ve had a similar experience, both with an iPad Mini and a Kindle Fire. The remote will completely crash and I’ll be thrown back to the homepage and need to reload the app. I haven’t noticed a pattern to the crashes. I don’t think it has happened with my iPhone, but I don’t use that much because of the smaller screen. The phone is relatively newer (12 Pro Max), so if this is a matter of processing resources, that would make sense.

I have the same issues, but on Android One version 10. The only difference is that I have these issues since Roon 1.8 - Build 903. I never have issues before this version.

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