Andras Schiff / Schubert - Compositions on CD2 not Recognized (QOBUZ)

The tracks on the first CD are grouped correctly, the compositions on CD2 not. A behavioural pattern I notice very frequently on Qubuz albums. Whenever it has 2 or more CDs, the recognition fails on CDs > 1. Same on that Sibelius album mentioned the other day.

Thanks for investigating.

@joel unfortunately the recent improvement in Qobuz composition grouping has not fixed this one for me. Re-Identyfiyng does not help.

Could you pls have another look. Thanks

I find this to happen on Tidal, too. Or, conversely, three compositions on one CD are identified as ‘CD1, CD2 and CD3’…

Sometimes it’s a bit annoying, but, as the metadata issues don’t affect the sound, for me it’s not such a big deal. Heaven forbid some ‘audiophile’ golden-eared fool comes along claiming that yes, metadata affects the soundstage or produces a roll-off at the high-end…

Thanks for letting us know, @bbrip. We’ll look into this further!

@joel this one is still not fixed.