Andrew Gregory ...... confusion


the credits come from roon, no file tags.
we have 2 Andrew Gregory: one is correct, Andrew Rose Gregory.
the second one is:
(apart from aka Andrew Gregory) looking on the web i find that he is

he has no connection.

so… at first, i would have merged. an error.
on the same track, there are michael gregory and michael gregory jackson. i suppose the first one is correct, brother of andrew. the second one has nothing to do.

and the error here is in allmusic

my point here is that there are 1000s of situations in which roon, trying to merge the various metadata sources, only create a BIG MESS.
at a certain point i could say that NO INFO could be better than WRONG INFO.

in my experience, allmusic is big trash full of errors. and the error reporting service is like talking to a mummy.

same album, same person, credited in 3 ways:
mat katz performer

note the wikipedia link
but on the composer side of the same artist:

the web link is missing, and no genres. that’s strange, being exacteley the same person

and then

with correct band.

as usual, i could merge, but loose parte of the infos (band, web…)