Andriod tablet not working

To add insult to injury and i know itll be me, im ruuning a samsung tablet as acontroller for roon. Was working, aint now. If i select a track i get sound coming out the tablet, but it wont allow me to change tracks with the core running on my pc and play them. I get a device is busy notification

Im pretty sure its what ive enabled ordisabled any suggestions to rectifyplz


I think you may have changed the zone to the tablet. Click on the zone icon (bottom left corner next to the speaker) and choose the correct zone.

Thought that, its only showing the tablet, no other choice available

Can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio? How’s your primary zone connected to Roon?

Hello @Robert_Burns,

Thanks for contacting support. In addition to the information @Martin_Webster requested (which I also agree would be good to have), can you please try rebooting your Core machine, Samsung Tablet and any networking gear? Please let us know your findings when possible.



My sincere apologies for dragging my heels on providing feedback, sadly my partner has been very poorly so this has kinda put the brakes on everything, including sorting this.

I have managed to get the tablet working messing around with it (so i was right it was down to something id done :zipper_mouth_face:)

My plan was to upgrade my existing pc where roon currently lives to a solid state hard drive and beef up the pc memory at the same time but given whats going on, and the fact ive been thrown a bit of a curve ball which life seems to do from time to time im not sure how quickly i can get this done, however rest assured once things are back on a even keel i will no doubt be back asking, as ever, silly questions.

Many thanks to all for there input and suggestions.


Hello @Robert_Burns,

Sorry to hear about the situation you’re facing. We will still be here for troubleshooting any issues you may experience, if there are other things in life that are more pressing, you should certainly take care of them first. I’m glad that you were able to get the tablet working and I wish you the best of luck for both tech and non-tech issues that you experience. If there’s anything that we can do on our end, just let us know.