Android 10 update not seeing core

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
I have a Linux machine running snake oil.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
ATT wifi and ethernet.

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Schitt Yggdrasil.

Description Of Issue
When Android did their last update to version 10 it is no longer able to use phone as remote.

Hello @Earl_Helm, thanks for your report! We have seen a few recent cases of this and I have something I’d like you to try. Attempt to connect your device to the core again, after about 60 seconds a “help” option should appear which should allow you to enter the multicast IP address Try that and let me know if you are able to make a connection.

I never get that option.
My old samsung tablet connect .
But prefer my phone in case need to mute when in another room. It has always had issues on android but this last update seems to have messed things up entirely

Hello @Earl_Helm, on my android device the option looks like this:

Which lets me add my IP address here:

Never get that option . But honestly guys why should I need to manually enter an ip address manually. Free programs have never given me this issue. It has always been a little quirky with phone but tolerated it. If I did not use phone to play music with headphones at nite no problem but I do.

Hello @Earl_Helm, thanks for the feedback! We are actively working towards a solution for this issue with Android 10 devices. Some of the options we used in previous versions of Android to connect you to your core were changed in the latest version so our team is working on providing an alternative. I appreciate your patience with this issue in the meantime.

And you say you aren’t getting the “Help” option? Could you please reinstall the app on your Android device and try to follow those screenshots again?

I get the help option but no place to enter ip

You click on the blue help which then opens up the address screen

Ok I get the get help click on it see everything from screen shot in this conversation just no place to y
Style the up address.
Thanks hopefully this issue can be resolved it seems it’s been a problem even in prior versions.

Hey @Earl_Helm, on my Android phone I can tap on that option as soon as I open the app and get to the IP address screen. Can you send me a screenshot of what happens when you tap the “help” option?

What happens when you click on select a different core?

Hopefully this means switching to mDNS to do the discovery instead of your proprietary discovery solution…

And that helps the OP in what way?

mDNS is a core service on Android (and ChromeOS), and is VERY reliable compared to the custom discovery malarkey done by Roon today. While it won’t immediately resolve their problem, it is the correct long-term solution for the issue (IMNSHO). It requires Roon also change the Core to announce itself via mDNS, however. So assuming this is the approach they are taking, it won’t be available until Roon does one of their full releases.

Even Sonos, with their new S2 operating system, switched to mDNS. And now the Sonos Android app works on ChromeOS devices where the old S1 app never did.

I get all of that but its not helping the OP with his issue now.

I believe that “need help?” link in his second screenshot is the current version’s “help” link of old where you can manually enter the IP address of the core.

Great that’s what I meant :slight_smile:

Hey all, good eye! @Earl_Helm, are you on the latest version of Roon for your android device?

Yes. Uninstalled 2 times on phone and reinstalled. So yes I am.