Android 12 and No Roon Remote

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Dell desktop - Windows 10 hosting roon

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New Pixel 5a - Android 12 can’t find Roon OS core. My old s10 running android 11, placed right next to new 5a works perfectly. It connects to core and is a fully functional remote. My Galaxy Tab S5e also connects and works with OS core.
As mentioned in another post, I wanted to enter cores IP as 255,255,255,255 but there is no “help” option displayed. The screen just continues to display “Searching for Roon OS Core…”

Problem solved. Dumb ME. After upgrading firmware on my router, upon reboot my phone defaulted to LTE instead of my WiFi network. Connected to WiFi and all is well. I will wear the dunce cap for the rest of the day.

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Glad you resolved it…
Everyone has been there, no worries.
I’ve quite a collection of funky dunces caps by now😇

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