Android 12 Beta and Roon?

I installed (upgraded from an Android 11 build) the new public beta for Android 12 on my Pixel 4 and looks like I lost the audio connection in Roon Remote. I tried reinstalling Roon Remote, but no luck, I cannot setup the Android device for playback.

It still connects to the Core and I can control the other devices connected to the Core, so everything else appears to be working normally.

Anyone else try this and encounter this issue?

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@Christopher_Bellevie I am also having the same experience with the Android 12 Beta on Pixel 4a.

Thanks for confirming - I filed an issue under support, although as it is beta Android, not necessarily expecting that will be a quick fix.

Was thinking of installing on my OnePlus (possibly the next beta).
Are you saying everything else works, just not playing through the Android device itself (which I never actually do)

For me at least, yes, that is correct. I also typically do not use my Pixel for playback, and for me, I just moved to using my FiiO M11 in the few cases I might have.

But I do use the Pixel a lot to control other endpoints (like, my M11 in custom case is massive and a bit unwieldy so I prefer to actually use my Pixel to control playback) and that is still working as before.

Thanks Christopher that’s good news.
I normally join the second or third public beta but if Roon didn’t work I would not install the beta.

I would not keep the beta if it was any of the devices I typically use for playback, but in general, this device only is used for playback out of the house, and Roon doesn’t go there for me sadly, so not too much of an immediately issue, but figure will be for some, especially if not addressed before actually Android 12 launch.

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Good man for sharing that