Android 12 Roon endpoint unreliable

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Description of Issue

HI, upgraded to the public Android 12 yesterday. Roon remote stops playing intermittently, looses connection with core, restarting, sometimes does not restart, so manual restart needed. Android 11 also had some problems but 12 is way worse, nearly unusable.
Appreciate the help.

Hi @Tamas_Vilaghy thanks for letting us know. I’m sorry that it has taken us this long to get back to you, it surely was not our intention.

Does this behavior still occur if you connect your Core device via a wired connection directly to the router? If you haven’t tried this yet, please do so and let us know if this continues.

Additionally, it’s possible that the firewall is blocking the remote from properly connecting to your Core device. Can you please temporarily disable the device’s firewall and anti-virus software. If this helps, please enter an exception in the firewall for Roon and RAAT Server

Thank you!

Core is running on a wired connection, no issue there.
This is an Android 12 issue, not a firewall or virus software issue. I ran Roon on Android V11 and it was way more stable.
Thanks, Tamas

Thank you for providing that information for us, @Tamas_Vilaghy

While the issue is with the remote, it could be that the firewall is interfering with the connection to the Core device. We have seen other users with a similar issue have success by entering an exception into the firewall.

Additionally, have you attempted to reinstall the application on the Android device?

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