Android 12 - Roon Forum app no longer working

My phone updated to Android 12 today. Since the update the forum app no longer works. It opens, and stays on a blank screen. No text whatsoever. I deleted and reinstalled, rebooted, and did a shutdown/start.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Vincent I updated to Android 12 Beta on my OnePlus 9 pro, but I do not use the community app.

From my understanding it’s just a wrapper for chrome webapp. Just try Chrome directly.

Sorry if you already know this

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From a browser it works just fine. It’s the “applet” that stopped.


Have you tried clearing the cache and storage.
I deleted my install a long time ago and just have it pinned to Chrome.

Other option is too uninstall Roon and see if it works after reinstalling it.

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Thanks for all that advice. I did do all the above. It’s odd. I may reinstall chrome.

Well out of interest I had a lot of issues with Chrome after the upgrade, though they seem to have gone away again now. Good luck and hopefully that sorts it for you

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Never used the forum app, did not even know there was one…lol.
Always have it bookmarked in my browser which on Android phone is duck-duck go.
Strange name yes but no ads or pop ups ever!!


Chrome allows you to save it out as its own app these days from confluence forums. I have done this for Roon forum and a few others that use Confluence. That said I just updated my Pixel 4 to 12 today and its all working ok.

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Simon I misread that as you updated it to an iPhone 12.
Are you tempted by the the Pixel 6, with the trade in offers?

Lol, no not at all. I don’t see the need to keep updating my phone and only had this just over a year and only got it due to a good deal not a Pixel fan from using this one. Likely go back to OnePlus if the prices are right. I just don’t see the point in spending a lot on a phone or see the need for them to constantly increase in power, it just means less battery life in my experience. I just use it for internet , forums and control apps. This does not need a flagship phone really.


It’s odd that I can’t get either Roon or PS Audio to work any longer with Chrome. Since I have the applets working with Vivaldi I mostly likely am not going to continue to persue the Chrome issue.

Vincent I wonder if something strange happened on your update.

I hate to recommend a factory reset, but going back a few year’s it was a pretty common need after an OS upgrade

These days besides for cameras I don’t think a flagship is required. I am using a OnePlus 9 Pro now but I did a couple of days work for someone to earn it. Otherwise I would have been happy with my 8 for a couple more years.

I think the Nord 2 range and the Pixel 4a or 5a are also excellent and clean mid range phones at a third of the price

The pain of a reset is what I am trying to avoid. I assume that after some future Chrome or OS updates whatever bit is stuck will shake loose. I get that whatever I am experiencing could be the tip of the iceberg, but it doesn’t feel that way right now.

In the meantime I am going to listen to some music. I can hear my Sopra 2’s calling out to me to play with them.

I understand that and avoid it myself as well.
Enjoy the music :+1:

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