Android and iPhone end points drop, but other/non-mobile end points stable


I am running Roon server on a new Mac Mini for about two months.

I have 5 end points that have successfully connected and are streaming music (from Qobuz and my NAS).

Two of those successful end points have been on iPhone and Android phone.

Starting about a week ago, I noticed that the iPhone and Android phone would stop displaying ‘themselves’ as an end point.

At the same time, both of these mobile devices are displaying the other three (non mobile) end points. (NAD receiver, a Chord DAC, and BACCH-DSP… the BACCH is also running on the Mac Mini.

Today, I shut down/restarted the Mac Mini.
Then, I restarted my Android device.

After restart, for about 10 minutes, the Android displayed as an End Point in Roon Remote and played music.
Then, moments later, the Android dropped from the list of “Audio Zones”, and Roon started asking me to choose an Audio Zone.

My Android device (Motorola from about four years ago) is my main interest, as it has a wired headphone output, and use this to feed an amp in my shed.

I am successfully running Roon ARC on my Android/Motorola… and it plays music.

I am not sure where to begin to troubleshoot this problem with Roon Remote.

Thank you.

Hi @Steve_Schermerhorn,

Thank you for your post. From what we can tell in a basic diagnostic report generated by your account for our servers, the iPhone is on a separate local network from your RoonServer machine, which has an IP address in a separate range.

Are you using multiple routers in this setup, or any VPNs? What about multiple network interfaces on the Mac Mini (Wifi and ethernet connected simultaneously)?

Hi @connor,

Only one router in this setup. No VPNs.
On the Mac Mini (Roon Server) I have a have both an Ethernet cable AND an Astropad Luna Display connected (to allow me to control the Mac Mini desktop remotely).
I can try removing that, and see what happens. (Luna was important, until I added a monitor to the Mac Mini.)

I will report back… in about 10 days… on the status.

Unless you have additional info to share with me.

Many thanks, Steve

Hi @Steve_Schermerhorn,

Thanks for the update!

If you access the device list from your router settings, you should be able to see a list of the IPs tied to each device in your network. It may be good to review this list and confirm each Roon device is on the same subnet.

Outside of that, we’ll be on standby for your findings! :+1:

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