Android App crashing as soon as it's opened

This is still happening for me - two different Android versions and devices.
Mui 9 phone Android 10, Cube M5 tablet Android 8

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Which port is the Android client using to connect to the Roon Core. There’s a website on port 80 and a Twonky server on port 9000. If I stop the Roon application then the Android client patiently searches and asks if I would like to find another Core. As soon as I restart the Android Roon client then it crashes. Is it possible that there’s a port number conflict. Perhaps the Android client is getting a response from Twonky which it can’t cope with. I’ll do some more experiments to see if I can characterise this issue which for me is (literally) a show-stopper.

Hi @Andrew_McKernan,

Is the behavior the same if you temporarily turn off your Twonky server?

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