Android App Crashing on Nexus7

Over the last couple of days the Roon app for Android has started crashing after playing a song for 3-4 minutes to the internal speakers on my Nexus7 (2013). It basically crashes to the desktop, but I can restart the app immediately and start streaming again. I don’t recall having any issues in the past.

I didn’t see any updates in the Android App Store. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Seeing a similar issue where the app crashes at the end of currently playing track list on nexus 9

Seeing a similar issue, too, but the app crashes to a black screen and I have to restart my Nexus 7 (2013). To make it worse, it doesn’t occur every time I use the app.

I need to do some more testing, but this issue seems to have cleared up. Something tells me that it was possibly network related. My 5GHz network is rock solid and it wouldn’t occur once I switched to it, but I am getting some intermittent interference on the 2.4GHz network that causes it to sporadically drop for a few seconds and I’m wondering if that was the root cause… even though I wouldn’t expect Roon to crash if the network drops.