Android app freezes following 1.8 upgrade

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This is for Ben Cap. Sorry to have to start another topic chain but Roon’s closure of topics 45 days after last post does not provide enough time to perform extensive testing. My playlists for Newage alone run for 55 hours.

I performed the reload as you requested. The initial reload did not improve halting. Following several 1.8 version release and into Version 2, the failure continue, but have gradually been reduced in frequency. Observing the failures, there appear to be some commonality in them (1) Roon app has been started, ran interactively and then put into the background play list of apps “running” but not displaying on the screen. (2) Switching between home wireless and cellular wireless when coming into and out of the house seems to be one of the elements in more frequent failures, (3) when the “freeze” occurs, it appears that the remote application has been running as music continues to play within the house. (4) when the application is first selected from the “running in background” queue, the active playing icon freezes, you cannot scroll, select, nor affect the volume of the selected remote device. (5) going into the application list, removing the Roon application from running, and then restarting the application results in the application functioning again, as expected. (6) The interesting thing here is that the queue information, current song playing information after restart closely matches the information on the “Frozen” screen prior to restart. It is my guess that the remote application was running in the background up to the point is was selected to become interactive again. At that point during the activation or display update that the screen freezes.

The freezing has continued in the 2.0 release, but as noted above the frequency has been reduced.


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