Android app, hangs, then won't reconnect

The app was stuck in choosing an output and I could not get out of the audio selector, so I killed the app on the phone.

And… when I restart the app, it can’t/won’t connect to roon …

And then I reboot the phone… and it STILL won’t connect.

I have to restart the roon core on the laptop.

I should add, that I have now had the android app fail to connect to roon core a few more times. At this point, the android app is not usable for me at all.

How can I improve on this?


Although I am in the Apple eco system, a little while ago purchased an android phone with the sole purpose of playing Flac files, then decided to download the Roon controller. When I could get the connected to the core ( A Nucleus at the time ) got some weird screen display configuration ie, just blank boxes where the album art should have been, so in the end just gave up. The best experience you will get with Roon is without doubt with IOS and OSX. The Android operating system is a shambles and I think the Roon development team are doing their best to polish the preverbal, hence why people like me stick with Apple, it just works and I assume is better for app developers to work with?. This may not be what you want to hear but unfortunately is the fact of life.

Hi Ra ignore Terry he doesn’t seem to represent the general supportive view in this community with a wasted response like that.

I am one of many Android (and IOS, Mac OS and Windows) users on this forum who happily manage to successfully make our way using the Android app every day without issue.

When Roon doesn’t start up it gives you a help option where you can then enter the IP address of the server and then it works fine. You might want to check your phones (there are several discussions in the support forums)

Once you get it working, and are comfortable in the world of Roon, you can try the world of extensions. You can then use It’Roxs! Which is a wonderful add-on for Androids that also allows you to to control Room from the pull down media control bar. That works great and is well worth the effort.