Android app in landscape mode?


I installed Roon Remote on Android 5.0 on my Pine64 board as a test. It is connected to my 48" TV using an air remote to control it.

the only problem is that the app forces portrait and the whole app is sideways.

Is the android app only portrait?

Thanks Dave

No not only portrait, working as landscape on my Android tablet. I think the app detects the device and either applies the portrait, aka phone mode, or landscape/tablet mode. There is no user setting as far as I know.

Thanks Daniel, something in the Pine64 rom must indicate it is a phone.

I might try the remix os rom as it is designed for landscape

I own the remix computer and I’ve used Android Roon on it with no issues. So I would imagine the OS version would work just as well. I’m planning on putting on a couple of old computers to test it out.

Been a while since I looked at the Remix ROM, but if it has a Setting to adjust the DPI, then adjust that setting

The Roon app will look at the DPI setting and use that to decide what version of the App to run…have a look in the Pine64 rom to see if that setting exists

If either of them doesn’t have it then I know that CyanogenMod 12 and 13 [perhaps prior as well] have an adjustable DPI setting within Android Settings

Roon uses the “virtual resolution” of the device to figure out if if the tablet full ui can fit or not.

It computes this virtual resolution using the DPI and the screen pixels (minus statusbar/nav bar).

If you are going into phone mode, its because remix/pine64 isnt giving you enough space to run tablet.

I find these two links very useful:

this is the one I like:

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Touché! Nice page.

Excellent Page and new Bookmark. Thanks Danny.