Android App issue

Hi - This just may be my tablet but anyway…

I have just migrated to RoonServer. I don’t really need the GUI on my imac where the core is located, and generally I am happy, but I have noted a strange behaviour on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The app used to run fine but now regularly stops responding requiring an app restart. I know the Galaxy is low spec but used to work fine before I migrated ? Coincidence or something else going on ? iphone 5s app works flawlessly since migration, but obviously doesn’t have the same real estate for Discover etc

System is 27in 2013 iMac running Room Server to Ethernet networked RPI3 roonbridge with audioquest jitterbug and dragonfly dac

Its an irritation rather than anything, but would be interested if this has been seen before ? Haven’t reinstalled app yet, which I guess could be an option ?

I’ve encountered the same in recent releases on the Google Nexus 10 and 7 series.

Thanks Evan

Have you determined a fix ?

No, I should report it, but didn’t because I also have an iPad Pro and rarely use the android tablets.

Thanks - can I ask moderator to move this to Support ?