Android app missing 'D's

In the android app i seem to be missing some capital D letters.
As example in a multiple disk set i see ’ isc 1’.

Running android app 1.0 on Nvidia Shield tablet on Android 5.1.

Very minor thing of course :smile:

someone probably feels a bit of an ick!


That ick would be me…

It seems like you may be running out of video memory… which seems strange… try giving the tablet a reboot and running roon first

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Weird. Not happening on my Nexus. Not gloating, just double checking. :wink:

I’ve seen this too, once or twice.

Works ok after restart, will keep an eye on it and let you know if becomes reproducable.

I noticed this the other day. I resolved by closing excess apps running on my Nexus 9 . Didn’t need to restart. Obviously happened when demoing to a friend whilst my storage had also gone offline too - The real sign of a high end system!

Yeah, it happens when you leave the app open for a longer time and switch to/from it. I’ve tried closing all other apps, but that doesn’t always resolve it for me (sometimes though).