Android app navigation - modify choices on home screen

Is there anyway to modify the home screen on the Android app?

Right now navigation allows Discover, Recent, Tags, Playlists. Is there anyway to add another choice? For example, Genre or Artist?

There are two ways one wants to access music - one is searching for something to play, the other is finding something you already know you want to play. The Roon app is oriented towards presenting choices and ideas - a good way to browse and discover what you want. Alternatively, if you know what you want, you want to access a specific piece of music - it’s easier to navigate via a hierarchy but there is no “on ramp” to hierarchy on that home screen. Yes, you can get to it via menu to Genre but I am trying to wean my wife from CDs to a server. I want to make it brain dead simple to go to a hierarchy and navigate it as that’s how my wife has organized all of our CDs.

There is no way to customize the app, you might make a Feature Request. However, the options Genre and Artist are just a quick touch away under the upper left hamburger menu. And Roon will remember where you left off, so, if you log out in Albums, when you start up again you will be in Albums.

And if by Hierarchy you mean a folder/sub-folder arrangement, then that is currently not on the table according to the devs.

Thanks - I don’t want a hierarchy that is based on how files are stored. I wish Roon would have two UI’s - the current one (I’m fine with it) and a very simple one that is purely Artist/Album for technophobes (aka - my wife).

Submit a request in the Feature Request catagory.

I would like to see an Alphabetic pre selection on the Android App. On my phone I scroll my fingers off.

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