Android App - Volume of the MobilePhone not supported

I was quite surprised, that the Roon app for Android has it’s own volume control instead of using the volume control of the smartphone like every media software in this galaxy.

Using the app without having the volume control on the hardware is quite useless.

Please add this.

This looks fixed on my Android (LG V30) after the last update!

I expecierenced the same, at least for some hours. Now, it doesn’t work anymore on my Huawei P20.
This is very odd.

If your trying to control volume on the device the remote app is controlling by the volume control on phone or tablet this has never been a feature but would be very much wantedm It only works if the remote is the audio well. This itself was broken but is supposed to be fixed in the latest release.

As i wrote before, it didn’t happen with the build 806. Nor the phone or tablet accepts the system volume control for Roon.