Can you use a android tv box as an end point for 5…1? I have the core running separately elsewhere.

Can you use a s905 tv box or LiNux tv box? Thank you

Hello @DeaconBlues,

What is your Core and how are you attempting to stream multi-channel to the Android TV Box?
Is it via HDMI or through other methods? You may want to take a look at our multi-channel documentation:

Do you see any of those settings on your endpoints?


Hi… I was thinking of using my NUC (w/ Core) to the 2 channel.

Seperately, Stream the mutltichannel DLNA (or via ethernet) from the Core (other side of the room) to the android box (as you would a phone endpoint) would that work with any android TV box? This would be connected to the AVR to stream mutltichannel.I was hoping you could recommend a cheap one (not raspberry pi) I just want a plug n play solution when loading Roon Remote.

Currently Core (mini PC via Ethernet) -> AVR via HDMI for 5.1 content

I have it streaming 2 channel to a Chromecast Audio 24/96 (dropouts and I want to play my DSD content) to a seperate integrated NAD amp. Which is used for critical listening.

I got a Topping D50 DAC - and I don’t know how to connect it to the AVR so it streams mutlichannel through the AVR – but it only does 2 channel. So I was thinking of connecting the Android TV box to the AVR for multicvhannel and listening to 2 channel with the Mini PC connected there instead.

Hi @DeaconBlues,

Android does not support multi-channel output at this time. I think your best bet here might be to use the NUC’s HDMI port to stream multi-channel to the AVR, but if you are thinking of using a seperate endpoint to do this, you can take a look over this threa (Is there an Roon endpoint that supports multichannel?) where users discuss multi-channel Roon endpoints.


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