Android can't find Roon Core

For what this is worth, when I moved from Roon Core on Windows 10 desktop to Rock in Virtual Box on same PC, I had no further problems connecting to Roon Core from Android phones.

Before my iPhone was always catching fast the Roon Core whilst the Android phones would mostly struggle or not find it at all or find it only after a Roon Core restart and working for a while.

Actually Noris… I don;t think your update fixed anything at all. Maybe just luck… I am getting this every day now and it’s so frustrating. Especially when I bought a Nucleus which is almost invisible on my network.

I bought the Nucleus a few months ago, and the performance with Android is just as bad - and the IOS apps are not much better. Actually starting to get really frustrated. Roon seem to think they have something superior going on with their tech… but it doesn’t work and you need a degree in computers and home networking to understand it.

Whilst playing and trying to get my Android phone to work… the trick works. Whilst the Android was trying to connect it also locked out two ipads which were initialising but failed to connect… as soon as I put the 255 IP in, they connected straight away. So maybe the Android app was locking out or blocking other connections?

Interestingly enough, I suffered an issue (I think mentioned by another person somewhere in this thread but perhaps a sibling/related one) where I was not presented with the IP field on the “need help” screen. It actually opened a browser and took me to the general support page. This was on a Pixel 3A running the most current generally available Android OS. If I attempted to just let the ‘searching’ process expire, it never did even after like 20-25 minutes - just kept spinning/searching. When I went into config and entered 255…255, that didn’t work either.

Anyone else experience this inconsistency?

To resolve it, I walked to the Roon Core PC and closed/restarted the Roon app. Obviously, not a glamorous or really even acceptable solution, long term…

I’ve also had to reboot said PC once or twice due to a lockup (at least it appeared locked up as nothing would break the screen’s sleep mode) and had to do a forceful cold boot. I can’t identify the source of that issue, so I’m not gonna arbitrarily point to Roon (the only app running but still could’ve been an separate/unrelated Windows issue.)

Anyway, it’s the inconsistency here that troubles me.

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Five days ago i have updated my Motorola G (only used as Remote) to Android 10 (before 9).
The core is an spezialized Mini-PC with Win 10-64.
Now the Smartphone can`t find the core when i start the Mini-PC at first and the Phone as second. Started the phone at first it works fine.

Not really a great problem but i`m wondering…

Amazing i did this and it instantly found the core - weird!

It seems to force unrestricted IP multicast discovery on your subnet, bypassing whatever IGMP weirdness was preventing discovery before. Ugly for sure, Roon developers are well aware of the issue that this is kind of a workaround for, their key difficulty is that it’s hard to replicate in their lab. Surprising as it might seem, home IP networking is a terrible mess that only seems to work until any device tries to use a slightly more advanced protocol option. Network stack bugs abound, WiFi is often flaky (now that so many are doing video calls from home that’s become a lot more apparent), and so on…

Hi Community & roon labs,

After scouring the forum for a recent similar issue, the following might be a new issue/bug . . . feature?

My Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (model: SM-T590) Android 10 was working as a remote without any issues for the last couple of couple years. Today the tablet started hanging on "Remote Connection: Waiting for Remote Core. . . . " The tablet can access everything else on the network and Internet.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the roon labs remote application, and the tablet still hangs trying to find the core in the application. Quite annoying.

What changed recently? Android updated itself to One UI 2 Android 10 with latest security software version Jul-2020 Release 1, Android security patch level 1 July 2020.

What else changed? Nothing else changed.

Both my old mobile device and trusty old-long-in-the-tooth Windows desktop OS can access and use roon without issues.

All network switches, the router, Wi-Fi access points, and core server were “cold” booted. The Android roon labs remote application was uninstalled and reinstalled several times, ending with the same hanging "Remote Connection Waiting for Remote Core . . . " issue.

What does the community and roon labs recommend please?


The core shows the SM-T590 Tablet A, but the Tablet cannot connect remotely

My Galaxy Tab A 10.1, 2019 also got ONE UI 2 Android 10 a week ago and no more finding the Roon Essentials Core on the Elac Discory Music Server. I know Essentials is not full-blown Roon. But the 255.255… workaround also works for me. Ugly but works. Now I can enjoy my music with the gears I paid for instead of getting upset at Roon and Elac.

It’s so frustrating…I am living with this all the time. The only music product I have had that has these issues. Clearly Roon is doing something different to everyone else, but is it necessary for sound quality??

AFAIK not needed for SQ, it’s about different Roon devices finding each other on your LAN. Roon uses IP multicast for that, which in theory should work, but in practice trips on the fact that IP multicast support is buggy or hard to configure on some routers, switches, and endpoints. Interaction between the Android network stack and some network hardware is especially problematic, but frustratingly hard to replicate between networks, or even on a given network as software and firmware are updated.

Roon Labs know about this, I hope they are thinking of some changes/alternatives that deal better with the real mess that LANs are in practice.

I hope so to. As soon as I use IGMP I loose the ability to see my Chromecast endpoints. Everything else sees them including Google Home.

THANKS, 2021 and still the trick works… where is Roon support?

I have a Samsung note10, roon nuc Rock, BT homehub router.
Not had any issues until yesterday when an android update was applied to my phone.
Now the only way I can find roon from the app is to reboot the nuc and phone. If I come off the app and look at say Facebook, when I go back to the app it can’t find roon server.
If I launch a browser and enter rock/ it will find it immediately.
The 255 trick works.
Crazy that an issue reported 2 years ago is beyond the abilities of the roon engineers.

They’ve been unable to replicate it in their lab, even though they tried hard. They even used my own personal network to try to nail it when I had the problem. No luck. The problem is that it is an interaction between some Android devices, some network configurations, and some network hardware. Any difference in any of the variables makes the problem disappear – or return. Basically, Roon device discovery relies on multicast, but consumer-grade gear has been increasingly buggy in its multicast support. There are alternatives based on mDNS, but that would be a major overhaul that requires careful development, lest it cause more problems than it solves. Having seen how many mDNS-based discovery setups go wrong, I don’t know if the medicine would be better than the cure.

Exactly the same phone, exactly the same issue after the phone update.

Clearly a number of Android user are experiencing this issue, so why not implement a workaround until a full solution is identified? Someone on this post suggested implementing the 255 workaround, why not?
Perhaps it would be fair to advertise that they have an intermittent incompatibility with android devices and recommend only using apple?

i found the 255 workaround works and now I can find the roon server again.

Last time I was having issues before the latest android update, I followed the changes suggested in this video and I didnt have any issues for about 3 months